Portrait Paintings Commission


Discussion between Elena Doronkina (artist) and the client is welcome and necessary throughout the portrait procedure.

It is not just how Elena place paint on canvas that makes her an artist. It is how she see, arrange, compose, and “feel about the subject” that is of equal, if not more, importance. She works carefully with you to ensure that your painting will be a true, classic portrait, that captures the likeness as well as the spirit of the subject.

Whenever possible, she prefers to spend some time merely chatting with and getting to know the subject for an hour or so before any sketching or photography is done. It is during this time, as well as throughout all interaction with the subject, that Elena is watching for “unintended revelations” — those moments when pretense is discarded and the soul comes to rest on the surface. These are the gestures, the expressions and the attitudes that she captures in her memory, to recreate on canvas a true likeness — a reflection of the person that is known, not just a correct arrangement of features.

For our first meeting, she schedules a sitting and/or photography session at your convenience. This first session or “sitting” can take place in her studio or at your home, office or other location, and will take from two to four hours. During this first session, she may do a preliminary color study from life. Extensive photographic reference material is gathered to allow her to proceed to her studio after the sitting concludes.

  • All photos are kept in strict confidence and are for her use only in creating the final painting.
  • No photos can or will be displayed or published without written consent of the person whose image is in the photograph. Your confidence is assured.


Fees are good for 30 days from any contracted commission. Fees are locked at current rates upon 50% downpayment.

                 Prices do not include framing.

                  Each additional figure on one canvas: Add 75% to prices listed.

          smaller and/or different sizes can be created, priced by square inch appropriately.

A 1/2 deposit of the total portrait fee is required to start the portrait procedure.

                 Prices do not include framing.

                  Each additional figure on one canvas: Add 75% to prices listed.

Head Only   Quick, impressionistic portrait, abstract background)

  • No realistic backgrounds
  • Loose interpretation of neck and collar area

5” x 7”      = $ 600.00

12” x 10”  = $ 780.00

14” x 11 “  = $ 860.00

18” x !4”   = $1,100.00

20” x 16”   = 1,300.00

Head and Shoulders (Bust)

  • does not include hands
  • may include room elements, painted loose/impressionistic
  • realistic background add 75% more
  • inclusion of hands, add %50 more

11” x 14”  = $ 800.00

18” x !4”   = $1,100.00

20” x 16”   = $ 1,300.00

24” x 18  = $ 1,500.00

28” x  36” =  $2200.00

Larger and up to $6,000.00

3/4 Length Portrait

  • includes hands
  • impressionistic background
  • add 60% more for realistic backgrounds
28 x 36 thru 40 x 60

$6,100 – 9,500

Full Length, Life Size or Larger Portrait

to large format, multiple subjects

  • impressionistic background
  • add 60% for realistic backgrounds
Full Length/Full- Size

$10,000.00 – $20,000.00